Blue Flower

The F.A.S.T. Team qualified for the Michigan State Championships in our FIRST season and competing in the Power Up game! This was accomplished by accruing enough points through our 2 District events and being awarded the Rookie All-Star Award! The event was held at Saginaw Valley State University April 11th through the 14th. The F.A.S.T. Team would like to thank our community partners for providing the funds needed to travel to, compete in and pay for the fess of this event. You can view our partners on the Our Partner tab!

You can visit the Michigan State Championships page by clicking this link: Michigan State Championships. Team 7056 was competing on the DTE Energy field with the most competitive field to date and at the entire event. In the end, the team did not make the playoff rounds BUT was awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award for the event which is awarded to a team that has the best catalyst for a team that will be successful in the future. This was a huge accomplishment for the team to be awarded this special award and feels like we accomplished many achievements during our Rookie Season!



Fowlerville High School's robotics team, The F.A.S.T. Team 7056 competed at their 2nd District event in Lakeview Michigan during the weekend of April 5th, 6th, and 7th. The F.A.S.T. Team looked to iterate and improve their performance from a great 1st event at the Lansing District event. The teams that made up the Lakeview Event were a more seasoned field of competitors and with only 8 Rookie Teams in attendance at Lakeview, the F.A.S.T. Team would have to continue their consistency which was on display at the Lansing event.

The drive team from Team 7056 continued to improve their solid performance from the previous event and with added weight to their robot's chassis the drive team picked up and deposited cubes into the exchange with quickness and greater accuracy. The scouting team for the F.A.S.T. Team refined their scouting methodology for this event and had the data and pick list to prove it when it came to the alliance selection process at the end of the qualifying matches. During the alliance selection, Team 7056 was selected for the 8th alliance and joining Teams 5502 and 5688. With two robots that reach the scale, the alliance was a solid alliance to compete for the coveted District championship.

In the first match of the playoffs, one of the alliance partners robots was tipped over but thanks to the rest of the teams in the alliance, including Team 7056, the margin of defeat for that match was lessened. The second match in the playoffs was short lived as the opponents quickly took the scale in auton and won the match eliminating the 8th seeded alliance in the Quarter Finals. That seemed to be the end of the event for Team 7056 but within the Awards presentation the F.A.S.T. Team was selected and awarded the highest award that can be given to a Rookie Team and that was the All-Star Rookie Award! This award and the district points that were awarded to the F.A.S.T. Team with that award helped them Qualify for the Michigan State Robotics Championships! This a great accomplishment for Team 7056 and the team looked forward to making the arrangements to attend the State Championships both as a Rookie All-Star presenter and qualifying the Robot for competition! 


The Students and Mentors from the F.A.S.T. Team participated in a series of events at Kettering University over the past weekend. The weekend of events started with a seminar that covered lessons learned from past FRC seasons and games contained within those seasons, this provided the audience with some food for thought on how the games were played and how teams built robots to compete in those games while adhering to the rules of the game for each season. Immediately after this seminar, the release of the new game for this robotics season called "Power Up" was shown on a huge video screen for the audience to watch. The link to the release video is provided below for Power Up. F.A.S.T. Team members took notes while watching the release video.

After the initial release of the game video, the team acquired the Kit of Parts (KoP) that contained the minimal set of parts which allows rookie teams to have the ability to build a chassis which will be the base of this seasons robot for the F.A.S.T. Team. Additional seminars were provided and in which the members of our team participated in such as the LabView coding seminar which provided the students with an idea of how to start programming a robot for competition in Power Up! At the conclusion of Day 1 of the Kick-Off event, the members of the F.A.S.T. Team arrived back in Fowlerville with ideas, strategies and possible abilities the team would want to build into our robot for this season!

Day 2 of the Kick-Off weekend contained a Seminar on Strategy Dictates Design and then a series of hands-on workshops. The Strategy Dictates Design was a session where the specifics of the game were analyzed and subjects such as possible ways to score points, how to start thinking about robot design and limitations were all discussed. In the second half of day, our team members were split into Electrical, Mechanical and Coding teams. Each of these teams had a mentor assigned and took parts out of our Kit of Parts and built the components, which once completed, were used to assemble our fully finished robot chassis which was able to be driven remotely via Wifi.

Finally on the way home from Kettering University after 2 amazing days of lessons and learning our team had a fully functioning robot chassis that we will be using to build the functions that we want to use to score during our competitive events later int he season. We have just over 5 weeks of build season left all of the students have been great learning individuals that have shown nothing but professionalism and respect with anyone they have come in contact with during the first part of this season.



From March 22nd to March 24th Team 7056 competed at the Lansing District event held at Mason High School. Out of the 40 teams that competed at this district event there was 14 Rookie team that took their first chance at winning a coveted Blue Banner. during the qualifying matched the F.A.S.T. Team was ranked #1 in the Vault point Catagory and #5 in the Climb/Park Catagory.  At the end of the qualifying matches, Team 7056 was ranked 23rd going into the alliance selection process. 7056 was selected for the 5th alliance partnering with Teams 5205 and 6556. 

During the 1st of 3 matches in the quarterfinals, the 5th alliance misses in the autonomous portion of the match left Team 7056 and our partners in a deficit that could not be overcome. Team 7056 and the rest of the 5th alliance won the next 2 matches in a dominant fashion to eliminate the 4th alliance and advance to the Semi-Finals. During the semi-finals Team 7056 and the 5th alliance fought valiantly but were outmatched by the #1 alliance and District Winner. This competition was a great start to the history that the F.A.S.T. Team will create in the future in the FIRST community and within the FRC Organization! 

Lansing District Event Details

We love and appreciate those company and organizations that have made the choice to partner with us in our pursuit of STEM and FIRST Robotics. The following gracious groups have partnered with us for our Founding Rookie Season!