Blue Flower

I am proud to announce that the F.A.S.T. Team is NOW and official FRC registered team! Our FRC Team # is 7056! In addition, we have been registered for our 2 events that we will be competing in with the new game Power Up! 

Our very first regional event ever for the team will be on March 22nd through the 24th at Mason High School for the Lansing Regional Event. This will be FIRS Tin Michigan's first look at our team and we will get to know many other teams form the area. Our Head Mentor Pete Eckman and his former team (Team 494) WON this event last year and brought home a blue banner for Goodrich High School. 

Our second registered event will be in Battle Creek Michigan for the Lakeview District event. We will take the lessons learned from our first event, make any necessary changes to the robot and compete in this event with teams from around the state. This event starts on April 5th and ends on April 7th. This will be an AWAY event and will be staying in that area for the weekend. Lodging is covered with your participation fees for students. Families are welcome to register for lodging in the same area if they would like.

This is a start to a great adventure and opportunity for the Students of Fowlerville High School! 


Coach Eckman

Head Mentor, the F.A.S.T. Team