Blue Flower

The Students and Mentors from the F.A.S.T. Team participated in a series of events at Kettering University over the past weekend. The weekend of events started with a seminar that covered lessons learned from past FRC seasons and games contained within those seasons, this provided the audience with some food for thought on how the games were played and how teams built robots to compete in those games while adhering to the rules of the game for each season. Immediately after this seminar, the release of the new game for this robotics season called "Power Up" was shown on a huge video screen for the audience to watch. The link to the release video is provided below for Power Up. F.A.S.T. Team members took notes while watching the release video.

After the initial release of the game video, the team acquired the Kit of Parts (KoP) that contained the minimal set of parts which allows rookie teams to have the ability to build a chassis which will be the base of this seasons robot for the F.A.S.T. Team. Additional seminars were provided and in which the members of our team participated in such as the LabView coding seminar which provided the students with an idea of how to start programming a robot for competition in Power Up! At the conclusion of Day 1 of the Kick-Off event, the members of the F.A.S.T. Team arrived back in Fowlerville with ideas, strategies and possible abilities the team would want to build into our robot for this season!

Day 2 of the Kick-Off weekend contained a Seminar on Strategy Dictates Design and then a series of hands-on workshops. The Strategy Dictates Design was a session where the specifics of the game were analyzed and subjects such as possible ways to score points, how to start thinking about robot design and limitations were all discussed. In the second half of day, our team members were split into Electrical, Mechanical and Coding teams. Each of these teams had a mentor assigned and took parts out of our Kit of Parts and built the components, which once completed, were used to assemble our fully finished robot chassis which was able to be driven remotely via Wifi.

Finally on the way home from Kettering University after 2 amazing days of lessons and learning our team had a fully functioning robot chassis that we will be using to build the functions that we want to use to score during our competitive events later int he season. We have just over 5 weeks of build season left all of the students have been great learning individuals that have shown nothing but professionalism and respect with anyone they have come in contact with during the first part of this season.