Blue Flower

From March 22nd to March 24th Team 7056 competed at the Lansing District event held at Mason High School. Out of the 40 teams that competed at this district event there was 14 Rookie team that took their first chance at winning a coveted Blue Banner. during the qualifying matched the F.A.S.T. Team was ranked #1 in the Vault point Catagory and #5 in the Climb/Park Catagory.  At the end of the qualifying matches, Team 7056 was ranked 23rd going into the alliance selection process. 7056 was selected for the 5th alliance partnering with Teams 5205 and 6556. 

During the 1st of 3 matches in the quarterfinals, the 5th alliance misses in the autonomous portion of the match left Team 7056 and our partners in a deficit that could not be overcome. Team 7056 and the rest of the 5th alliance won the next 2 matches in a dominant fashion to eliminate the 4th alliance and advance to the Semi-Finals. During the semi-finals Team 7056 and the 5th alliance fought valiantly but were outmatched by the #1 alliance and District Winner. This competition was a great start to the history that the F.A.S.T. Team will create in the future in the FIRST community and within the FRC Organization! 

Lansing District Event Details