Blue Flower

On March 7th of 2019, the F.A.S.T. Team will be competing in their 1st event of the 2019 competitive season. The event scheduled to be held at Belleville High School serves as one of the two teams regular season events. Team 7056 will be competing with their newly built robot which is named "VADER". The theme for this season is associated with the 50th anniversary of man landing on the surface of the moon. The game this year is being called "Destination: Deep Space" and it encompasses the movement of two specific game pieces called "Cargo" and "Hatch Panels". The End Game portion of each match involves lifting a robot onto 1 of 3 platforms that have different elevations. An explanation of the game can be viewed by using this link here! The F.A.S.T. took the time to analyze the game and decided to position the design of the robot and its strategy to help the alliance they will be assigned to each round of the competition. The team looks forward to the chance to compete and prove their robot is one to contend with!